Kim Kardashian realises her new Emoji app : Kimoji

Kim Kardashian shocked the world again, realising her new app, Kimoji. This app is based on the Emoji characters that Apple had invented for the iPhone, however can now be used on most mobile devices as Emoji’s have taken over the world! 

Kim’s new Emoji’s range from pictures for her face, her pregnancy, her clothes, her famous selfies, pole dancing and everyone’s favourite, Kim’s ugly crying face! With 240 Kimoji’s to choose from, this app will certainly not disappoint. 

Kim instantly took to her Instagram and Twitter to announce the release of her app and Kimoji quickly became the gossip around the world. It was quickly rated Number 1 App on the Top Charts in the App Store. However this app is not free, costing $1.99. I believe the only down slide to this app is that you can only use a Kimoji character on iMessage. I think it would of been a great feature to use these characters in multiple apps however if that happened, I guess Kimoji would have been more popular than the actual Emoji app! 

Go buy the new Kimoji app now!!