Is Calvin Harris helping her move on?

Taylor Swift is said to have “finally deleted Harry Styles’ phone number” after she started dating Calvin Harris earlier this year.

Yep, hold on to your eyeballs because they’re going to start rolling back into your head, as we take a journey to the deepest darkest depths of 2012 — otherwise known as The Haylor Days.

Despite the fact that the aforementioned era took place over two years ago, every couple of months or so a new “insider” crops up in some magazine insisting that Tay Swizzle wants Harry back and/or will never date anyone else because those curls are embedded in her heart forever. Not literally. Don’t be gross.

However, that angle doesn’t really work any more, with Taylor being snapped all over the place looking cozy and, dare-we-say-it, loved up with Calvin Harris.


In fact, a source told Heat magazine that Tay deleted Harry’s number after finding love in a hopeless place (sorry we couldn’t resist).

“Taylor once thought she loved Harry, but since getting to know Calvin, she’s realized that Harry was never really more than a crush,” the insider said. “The relationship was not nearly as serious as she thought it was at the time. Taylor was more than happy to delete Harry’s number”

“Calvin’s made her realize that boys like Harry are toxic for her and given her the confidence to cut him out of her life for good. She’s determined to show Calvin she’s serious about him and wants him to feel as secure as she does,” they added.

Jeez, it’s no wonder Taylor’s decided to stay single for so long if this is what happens five minutes after she maybe-sort-of-starts dating someone.

“She’s determined to show Calvin she’s serious about him,” the insider added. “She wants him to feel as secure as she does.”

Or maybe she’s just enjoying the start of something new and that’s about it? What do you guys think?